About Us




My wife and I are based in Atlanta, GA and have a passion for helping others achieve financial stability. Ever since reigning in our spending habits and paying off more than $50,000 of debt in less than a year, we wanted everyone to be able to experience the same feeling of financial freedom. We have been where you are sitting - scared to stick to a budget, to come to terms with debt, and to begin saving money. 

After getting the basics of personal finance down, we are now on the path to FIRE. For those new to the FIRE movement, it means Financial Independence Retire Early.

 Every story is different yet so many people struggle with similar issues. Sometimes you just need someone on the outside to help, and that's where Two Cents Financial comes in. We want Two Cents Financial to be a place to share ideas and to help others on the path to FIRE.

Join us as we start laying a foundation from budgeting 101 all the way to FIRE!